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Personal Training

Training plan for professionals & parents

1:1 Webfitness plan for professionals
or parents with limited time

Have you decided to take care of your health and body, do you want to correct some musculoskeletal problems, but you have limited time? I am here to help you, with a personal training program!

How does online personal training works?

  1. Fill in the contact form and book a phone call with me.
  2. Fill in the medical record form.
  3. Your personal training plan will be ready in a few days.
  4. Detailed presentation of the plan and time to start our online sessions.
  5. Continuous encouragement to keep trying to build your dream body. We will stay in touch to check your progress.
  6. Free exclusive Facebook membership in our group “The Webfitness Hub“. This is a great opportunity to get to know other members who are going through the same process as you.

Μedical record form

After our telephone session, fill out the form below, which will help us to develop a personalized training program.

    Do you smoke?

    Are you aware of any health problems?

    Do you have any physical problems that are of concern to you?

    Are doing any physical activity? If yes, please provide duration and frequency.