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Terms of Use

The way of using our website

Through this website thewebfitnesshub.com it is possible to register online and purchase a subscription for the provision of fitness services upon the payment of the price mentioned in this website via credit card or via any other electronic means in order to be able to attend the online provision of fitness services.

The online purchase of the offered services as described from time to time in this website and the payment of the price via electronic means (e.g. credit card, bank transfer) is considered a membership contract and it is subject to these terms and conditions that the member must accept by clicking the respective box at the end hereof stating “I fully accept the aforementioned terms and conditions” in order to access the membership and complete the relevant transaction. The unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions and the filing-in of the information required in the respective boxes is an irrebuttable presumption that the contract between the website and the member has been completed according to the law and is subject to the following terms and conditions:

The membership might be monthly, 3-montly or annual and the provided services are described in detail on the website in the field fitness “Purchase Offer” as well as the duration of the use of each service (unlimited, etc.). Moreover, in the same field any free services as well as any additional free time to use our services as well as any additional services provided for a fee are also described separately and in detail.

Object of the contract on the provision of services

The contract on the provision of services that is concluded between the website for the provision of fitness services and the member concerns the use by the member of the provided fitness services chosen by the member. A member is any natural person that has entered into a duly concluded contract on the provision of services. In case of a natural person who is not of age (minor), the latter is considered a member upon the conclusion of the contract on the provision of services by the guardian in the name and on behalf of the minor. An association may also be a member mainly when the contract is concluded between the instructor and the association e.g. a union, a company aiming to the physical activity of its employees/members.

Conclusion of the contract on the provision of services – Membership

The contract on the provision of services between the website for the provision of fitness services and the member is concluded upon the acceptance of its terms as described therein and in the annexes thereto that form an integral part thereof; the membership application is included therein.

The membership application as well as any subsequent application (such as the renewal of the membership) includes the personal information of the member (full name, date of birth, full home address, contact telephone number, email address, tax identification number and competent Tax Office), the kind of the provided services and the group to which the member registers as well as the kind of the subscription by setting out the total price and the method of payment. It also contains information on how the member has been informed on the gym. The member is obliged to notify the gym immediately in case of any change to the aforementioned personal information.

Adults only may register. The membership of a minor as well as any renewal and transfer of the membership is possible only upon the application of the guardian who shall sign the

contract for the provision of services including the annexes thereto in the name and on behalf of the minor. The personal information of the guardian (except for the date of birth) is included in the registration application and in any subsequent application and at the same time the latter is obliged to inform the gym on any change thereto.

Upon the registration of every member, the latter is obliged to submit a certificate by a general doctor or a cardiologist who certifies that it is able to engage in physical activity. Such a certificate must be submitted every 12 months. It should be noted that in case of pregnancy, an additional certificate by the obstetrician is required in order to certify their ability to engage in physical activity. In case of an omission to submit the aforementioned medical certificates, the member is obliged to submit a solemn declaration by filing-in the relevant form online stating that it is in a good physical condition, without any health problems and it assumes full responsibility for engaging in the physical activity. Moreover, despite of the submission of the medical certificate or the solemn declaration, the member must declare whether it has suffered from COVID19 due to the problems that it causes to the human body.

The contract on the provision of fitness services is enforceable upon the fulfillment of these terms and the completion of the online purchase. The aforementioned services are exclusively provided during the working hours that will be agreed but may be amended by the website.

The services are provided to the member exclusively and not to any third party. It is forbidden to resale or grant in any manner with or without consideration the provision of any fitness services either directly or online or by video.

The website is not liable in case that during the use of the program either directly and personally by the person who exercises or through a video tape, the person who exercises is injured or suffers any damage due to the improper performance of an exercise.


The total price for the services provided based on the annual membership is shown in detail on the website. This amount includes any tax and charge provided by the applicable legislation from time to time as well as any fees (commission) of the bank that apply from time to time that undertakes to execute the payment of the price via the credit card.

The acceptance of the terms hereof is an irrebuttable presumption that the price is also considered fair, reasonable and proportionate to the provided services. The prices – offers apply only for the time period mentioned on our website. For any new member, in addition to the subscription fees mentioned from time to time, it shall also bear the cost for the registration that is expressly mentioned in the same field of the website that is paid once per subscriber.

Method of payment:

The payment of the aforementioned price on the annual fees as well as the registration fees takes place in a lump sum as it is a special agreement in the benefit of the consumer (promotional price, unlimited use of a part of the services, free services, free services for a certain period).

The payment of the price takes place via credit, debit and prepaid Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Diners or via bank transfer.

The website reserves the right to amend or cancel the personal or group programs and replace them with others. In this case, the member reserves the right to reject the replacement of the program that has not taken place and either request for the amendment thereto with one of an equal price to the program that has not taken place or terminate the contract according to the aforementioned on the exercise of the “right to terminate”.

The member has the right to withdraw without any justification within thirty (30) calendar days from the day after the conclusion of this contract. The right to withdraw is exercised by the member within the aforementioned time limit by submitting a withdrawal letter addressed to the website.

In the event that the member exercises the provided herein right to withdraw from this contract, it is obliged to pay the price only for the services that have actually been offered to the latter.

Refund process

The refund of any amount that has been paid unjust takes place via bank transfer by the website to the bank account (IBAN) of the member.

Withdrawal of the website from the contract

In the event of violation of any of the terms of this contract which are all considered to be material as well as in case of force majeure, emergency and unpredicted circumstances, the website reserves the right to terminate this contract unilaterally at any time and without penalty.

Personal Information

The website processes the personal information of the members according to the terms and conditions of the law on the protection of personal information.

Termination of the contract

This contract is terminated:

a) Upon the expiry of the membership
b) Upon the mutual agreement of the parties
c) By exercising the right to withdraw and terminate as set out in the above articles of this contract

General provisions

This contract supersedes any other contract between the website and the member with regard to the provided services; any amendment hereto shall only be in writing.

In the event that any of the terms hereof is found to be void, the remaining terms are still valid as if the void term had never been included in this contract.

The current legislation applies on any matter that is not determined in these provisions nor the terms of this contract.

Dispute resolution and jurisdiction

This contract is subject to the Greek legislation. Any dispute that might arise from the implementation hereof shall be resolved amicably and be brought before the Friendly Settlement Committees or the Consumer Ombudsman. In any case, the courts of Thessaloniki have jurisdiction to rule on any dispute that might arise from this contract.