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I’m your personal coach!

Hi, I’m Maria!

I’m a fully certified personal trainer (BSc and GR.A.F.T.S qualified) and I have successfully graduated in Dietetics and Nutrition (MSc). I have been training clients for almost 10 years in the UK and Greece and I use to adapt my fitness strategy to get the best results for them. Busy professionals and devoted parents are my niche clients; I have managed to fit workouts in their demanding schedule, while they enjoy sticking with the plan for a long time.

Work with me

  • If you are a professional of a parent with limited time and you aim to start exercising…
  • If you want to increase your employees’ productivity and improve their mental health contact me….

Core aims

Regular exercising isn’t just about an athletic body, is about a harmonious balance between physical and mental health. My three core aims when planning your personal workout are exercise, proper nutrition and support.


Exercising plans in order to be effective should be adjusted to your needs. I make sure to ask the right questions in order to create the most suitable plan for YOU!

Proper nutrition

Eating properly plays the most significant role in our transformation journey. My aim is to help you stick with your nutrition plan and help you make healthier choices.


I can make your transformation journey easier, funnier, and long-lasting by offering the support you need throughout our collaboration. To be 100% effective we need to take care of your mental health as well. I do offer free registration to our Facebook Group where you can find support not only by me but people who are making the same journey as you.  Besides, I will be by your side throughout the transformation by encouraging you to keep trying to reach your potential.

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How my passion for health and fitness started

Healthy eating and exercising were always playing a crucial role in my life. As a child, I used to work out regularly, while I also achieved to take part in Greece’s Taekwondo championship, an unrivalled experience! Working out has also helped me master self-discipline, a skill of great importance for every aspect of our lives which I can help you sharpen.

Why I became a Personal Trainer

Personal training gives me the opportunity to motivate people to improve a variety of aspects of their lives. Working out is not only about exercising your body, is about learning to think positive, eat healthier and adopting a balanced lifestyle. Developing and maintaining good physical and mental health is the cornerstone of your wellbeing and I’m here to support YOU throughout this transformation journey.  

Academic experience

I believe that in order to be able to offer professional help, a personal trainer has to develop and continue improving their academic knowledge. Having graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Physical Education from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, I recognized the importance of lifelong learning and in 2013 I became a qualified GR.A.F.T.S personal trainer. Since September 2020, I’m studying for my MSc in Dietetics and Nutrition with the direction of Sports Nutrition at the International Hellenic University, realizing that my duty to take care of every aspect of your transformation journey.

Work Experience

Throughout my 10 years’ experience, I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of clients in both the UK and Greece.  I also have collaborated with important athletic associations, while I had the privilege to become a senior personal trainer and supervisor at SKOURAS CAMP in Greece.  Back in 2017, I’ve been offered the opportunity to be part of the ‘Fit For Sport’ [UK] an organization which helps children to improve their fitness and energy levels by exercising.

The WebFitness Hub-Vision

There is NO perfect body! It’s time to stop stereotyping beauty and start investing in the best version of ourselves. Our vision is to encourage as many people as possible to adopt a healthy way of living in order to build a fulfilling life!

Your Vision, my Inspiration

Having gone through many life-challenges, I firmly believe that we can do everything, we just need to try with all of our heart! I was always dreaming of supporting people who are going through this challenging journey of transformation, physically and mentally.

The Webfitness Hub, is a dream that came true, a community which aims to help YOU to become the best version of yourself! I will be there with YOU to fight all the way to the top. Your personal plan will be created around these three keywords: Exercise, Nutrition, and Support; this is the true way to achieve long-lasting results.

Everything is possible, you just need
fight for it with all of your heart!

Your Vision, My Inspiration.

Start investing in the best version of yourself.
All we need to do is to keep working for the best version of our self.